Editor’s Note: As of October 2016, the concert list below is no longer being updated.  I have replaced it with a Page about concerts I’ve seen.

This is not, strictly speaking, a post about Europe,  but it ties together.  With the Jazz Festival in town this weekend, I’ve been getting to see a lot of interesting bands, which got me thinking.

I love live music. I love all music, really, but live music is especially fun for me.

Much of my travel to a new city happens because of  a concert.  It starts when a band or artist that I’m interested in seeing announces a show.  If they’re playing within an hour of me, I’ll usually just hop a train to see the show but if they aren’t playing a venue within an hour of me, the concert becomes my next trip.

I saw Frankfurt because Thomas Dolby played there.  I saw Kempten because VNV Nation played there.  I’m going back to Berlin again in October because the Scissor Sisters are coming.  (Edit: It was cancelled.  ::sigh::) I’m thinking about seeing Covenant in Hamburg and Muse in Munich.  You get the idea.   I pass up more concerts than I actually select, despite the fact that I want to see them all.  There just isn’t enough time and money to see them all.

It’s nice to look back at what I’ve seen though, because I’ve seen a LOT of concerts, and sometimes I forget just how actively I’ve followed the music.  What follows is a list of every concert I’ve seen (that I can recall), including some well known comedians.  I’m not including musicals, broadway or otherwise, but that would add another dozen or so names to the list.    An asterisk (*) means I’ve seen them more than once.  I plan to add this post to the navigation bar on the blog and keep it up to date moving forward.

I’ve always thought you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to.  Judging by this list, I either have really good taste or a deep and fulfilling psychosis.

Editor’s Note: As of October 2016, the concert list below is no longer being updated.  I have replaced it with a Page about concerts I’ve seen.

  1. Air Supply
  2. The Alan Parsons Live Project
  3. Tori Amos*
  4. And One
  5. Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull
  6. Apoptygma Berzerk
  7. Fiona Apple
  8. Augustana
  9. Bad Company
  10. Barenaked Ladies
  11. Baskery
  12. Bauhaus
  13. Ben Folds Five
  14. Big Electric Cat
  15. Lewis Black*
  16. Black Tape For A Blue Girl
  17. The Blue Man Group*
  18. Jimmy Buffett
  19. Capitol Steps*
  20. George Carlin*
  21. Carrot Top
  22. Peter Cetera
  23. Eagle-Eye Cherry
  24. Chicago
  25. Christian Death
  26. Peter Cincotti
  27. John Cleese and Eric Idle
  28. George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars
  29. David Copperfield
  30. Counting Crows
  31. The Cranberries
  32. Sheryl Crow
  33. The Cure
  34. The Dandy Warhols
  35. Das Ich
  36. Depeche Mode*
  37. De/Vision*
  38. Dennis Deyoung
  39. Thomas Dolby
  40. Eels
  41. Erasure*
  42. Faith & The Muse
  43. Florence + The Machine*
  44. Freezepop
  45. Front 242
  46. Funker Vogt
  47. Gin Blossoms
  48. Glasperlenspiel
  49. Dana Gould
  50. Ellie Goulding*
  51. Buddy Guy*
  52. Colin Hay
  53. Hayseed Dixie
  54. Ichor
  55. Imperative Reaction
  56. Indigo Girls
  57. Information Society*
  58. Inhouse*
  59. Eddie Izzard*
  60. Jars Of Clay
  61. Jesus and Mary Chain
  62. Eric Johnson
  63. Howard Jones
  64. Kansas
  65. BB King
  66. Kraftwerk
  1. Chantal Kreviaczuk
  2. Cyndi Lauper*
  3. Legendary Pink Dots
  4. Lisa Loeb*
  5. Lonestar
  6. Bill Maher
  7. Malign
  8. Barry Manilow
  9. Marilyn Manson
  10. Sarah McLachlan
  11. Andrew McMahon
  12. Meat Loaf
  13. Melotron
  14. Idina Menzel
  15. Mesh
  16. The Mighty, Mighty Bosstones
  17. Mika
  18. The Mission UK
  19. Alanis Morissette*
  20. My Morning Jacket
  21. New Edition
  22. Nine Inch Nails
  23. Gary Numan*
  24. The Nylons
  25. Billy Ocean
  26. Patton Oswalt
  27. Owl City*
  28. Panic! at the Disco
  29. Paramore
  30. Luciano Pavarotti
  31. Pet Shop Boys
  32. Bernadette Peters
  33. Emo Phillips
  34. Pixies
  35. Postmodern Jukebox
  36. Primitive Radio Gods
  37. Prince (as “The Artist”)
  38. Project Pitchfork*
  39. The Psychedelic Furs
  40. Rasputina
  41. REO Speedwagon
  42. Bob Saget
  43. Jerry Seinfeld
  44. Vonda Shepard
  45. Ashlee Simpson
  46. Sisters Of Mercy
  47. Slip and the Spinouts
  48. Lindsey Stirling*
  49. Stomp*
  50. Styx*
  51. Sunshine Blind
  52. Switchblade Symphony*
  53. Tegan & Sara
  54. They Might Be Giants
  55. KT Tunstall
  56. U2
  57. The Village People*
  58. Violent Femmes
  59. VNV Nation*
  60. Voltaire
  61. Wallflowers
  62. Weezer
  63. Welle:Erdball
  64. Winger
  65. Weird Al Yankovic*