MaiDult is here! (Have some beer…)

One of the great things about living in Germany is that there are always beer festivals.  You don’t have to wait for Oktoberfest in Munich to get your beerfest on.   For example, Regensburg has its own festival twice a year called Dult.  In May, it’s Maidult. In the fall, it’s Herbstdult.  It has all the same things you’d find at Oktoberfest – beer, lederhosen and dirndls, live music, giant pretzels, and rides-  minus the enormous flood of tourists.

Right now, it’s Maidult.  This weekend is the last weekend of Dult, running until the evening of Sunday the 26th.   There will be fireworks at the closing, probably around 10pm since it’s not fully dark by 9.

At Dult, we have beer:


…and rides:

dult02 dult03

…and beer:


…and rides:


…and Poffertjes! (little tiny pancakes!  In this case, with butter and powdered sugar on them. SO tasty.)


…and rides!

dult07 dult08

Have you ever been to Regensburg’s Dult?


15 thoughts on “MaiDult is here! (Have some beer…)

  1. Robert

    About a million times! 😉

    I like that people are wearing more dirndl and lederhosen – this changed in the last years (20 years ago, almost nobody would’ve worn dirndl and lederhosen on the dult).

    Fireworks is on Friday btw and yes, it starts at 10 PM.


  2. Michael Z.

    I’ve never been to the Dult unfortunately, but Hamburg has the “Dom”, which happens four times a year and is a lot like the Dult. Just without the lederhosen.


  3. The beer festivals were one of the best things about being stationed in Germany. I was stationed in Kaiserslautern, which is near the Haribo factory, so the beer festivals always featured huge tracts of gummi-candies in various booths. Green apple and cherry were my favorite, and they went with banana-weissen (sp?) so well that I’d be more than a little tipsy and hyper at the same time.

    Note: Do NOT ride the bumper cars when tipsy and hyped up on gummis. NOT A GOOD IDEA!


  4. I love the German fests. We especially enjoy the tiny neighborhood fests with their quirky traditions. Especially enjoy Krautfest. Bring a bag to take home your grated cabbage. And what could be better than a tractor parade where all the tractors are decked out in flowers and Spitzkohl?


      1. Leinfelden near the airport in Stuttgart. It is a tiny fest, but has lots of character.

        If you really like tractors then you should check out the Hohenheimer Feldtag (Now called the Kartoffeltag).
        The Deutches Landwirtschafts Museum puts on quite a show of amazing tractors. They even fire up the steam powered tractors. People come from all over with their old tractors.


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  6. Doug

    I have been to the Dult twice. In 2008 a friend and I were traveling and touring the area and happened upon it. Great fun, but made for a tough next day in Munchen. Just returned in 2012 on a 2.5 week trip with my wife. I had to schedule around the dult for this trip (what is a beer lover supposed to do?)


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