August Break: Two Things About Hotels In Europe

I’m on an August Break from my regular blogging schedule. Here’s today’s pictures.

Just two things about hotels in Europe that I’ve seen Americans get confused or surprised by.

Item one:  The room card.  In many hotels here,  you use your room key inside the room to activate power for the hotel room.  In many cases, you have to use your hotel key to get the elevator to go up past the first floor also.


Item two: In many hotels in Europe, the bathroom is separated more than it is in the US.  The toilet sits alone in its own little room, and the sink and shower are in another place entirely.

Also, it is very common for toilets in Europe to have a toilet brush installed nearby- in this photograph, it’s the thing mounted to the wall to the left of the throne.  This is because Europeans expect you to use the toilet brush after you’re done,  even in places that have maid service.  It’s a courtesy thing.


What interesting differences in European hotels have you been surprised by?


2 thoughts on “August Break: Two Things About Hotels In Europe

  1. I’m surprised by the toilet. I don’t stay in hotels all that much but I’ve probably averaged one or two a year for the past fifteen years or so (mostly in Europe) and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a separate toilet and bathroom.


    1. The one pictured was in Paris, but I had the same thing in a few other European cities. If you stick with big hotel chains, you’re less likely to see this configuration I think.


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