Maybe it was the “Enchantment Under The Sea” dance.

My dad would have been 82 years old today. It’s been roughly a year and a half since he passed beyond the veil, and it’s still a little weird that he’s gone.

I realized when I was writing my last post about my Dad that there was an awful lot I still didn’t know about him. I was learning new stuff about my dad all the way up to his funeral.

Beleaguered Servant posted a “mom and dad” picture all the way back on day 2 of Nano Poblano, and it got me thinking about this photo:

I’ve had this photo of my mom and dad for years and I still don’t know exactly where they were or what was going on. I can’t tell for sure if it was Halloween or New Year’s Eve or just a random costume party that had nothing to do with either holiday. For all I know, it could have been a normal party and that’s just how they dressed back then.

I do know that I have no memories of the two of them being that happy together. I know this is many years before I was born- it might even be before they had kids at all.

I also know that this is the only photograph of my Father where I can see my own face in his. In every other picture, we look like two very different people. In this one, I see myself.

I would love to be a time-traveling fly on the wall, to be able to observe them at this point in their lives. I wonder what else I might learn about my parents, after all this time.

Do you have any old pictures of your parents from a mysterious time before?

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  1. Lisa c

    Thank you for sharing this with us. And Happy Birthday to you dad. I know it’s a difficult day, but thinking about the good times helps a bit.
    Recently my mom gave me photos of our family from 40 years ago, when we went to a professional photographer. It’s nice to have that. Also a bit strange to see my parents soooo young.

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  2. Lorrie

    I had one of my Mom wearing a wedding dress and standing with her father. And that’s how the family learned my Dad was her second husband. My parents eloped so she did not wear a wedding dress to that ceremony. 🙂

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  3. Great photo, handsome father. Pretty mother. Lucky you to get all those good genes. Yes, I have lots of old family pictures. There are people in album pictures I don’t even know which at times drives me a little crazy. My Mom gave me some ancient family albums. My brother and I were going through them one day and thought we may have found an extra brother?

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    1. You know, I always forget that my Uncle (mother’s brother) reads my blog. He e-mailed me this morning after this post went up to tell me the exact address of the house where this was taken. He didn’t know the year, but narrowed it to probably the early 1960s, on Halloween- Halloween was my grandparent’s anniversary. I didn’t know that until today!

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    2. And regarding the extra brother: The advent of 23AndMe and Ancestry doing DNA tests has introduced a BUNCH of new-to-us branches to our family tree. I didn’t even know until last year that my grandfather had a brother, and we met some of that group of family.

      My sister is the family’s historian, and she spent a lot of time putting together our family tree and labeling all the people in the old photographs. We actually do have a lot of information at the macro level, even if we don’t always know the specific wheres and whens of the individual photos.

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  4. Photos are such bizarre things. These tiny captured moments that, by virtue of their charm, can’t show anything past that millisecond. I am very happy you have a photo of your dad that seems reflective of you to you, though I’m not sure why. Something about tokens that tie you into the larger tapestry of time.

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    1. I mentioned this in one of the other comments, but a few hours after this post went up, my uncle emailed me some more details about the photo. It’s fascinating that different people have tiny pieces of the puzzle.

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