BMW World

I visited BMW Welt (World) with Jenny and her merry band.  BMW Welt is a tourist attraction in Munich, at the entrance to the  Olympiapark.  It showcases the company’s cars and a lot of people bring their children there because there’s a lot of interactivity.   There’s also a full service restaurant upstairs.

I found it all to be kind of underwhelming.  It was an interesting way to kill an hour, but I can’t imagine spending much more time there.  I think this is a place for people who love cars.  I’m not their target audience.


There’s some random kid-oriented stuff like this stilted police-woman.


In the kid’s section, there was a giant contraption with balls on tracks racing around the wirework in the center.  I watched this for quite a while because it was kind of fascinating.


There’s a giant Mini section.  (LOL, I said “giant Mini.”)  You can sit in most of the cars- only a few are behind ropes like this.


For no reason I can adequately explain, there were a bunch of little girls in yellow and black facepaint on inline skates.


The facility is kind of like a giant showroom.   The deck on the top right in this photo is brand new BMWs which are awaiting pick-up from their new owners.  BMW-Welt is right next to the BMW headquarters, so picking up your new car here is something of an honor, I think.


That tower there?  That’s the BMW headquarters.


Here’s another shot of the yellow-faced kids on wheels, because why not.


There were also several rows of BMW motorcycles bolted to the floor so that you could get on them and see how it feels.


Have you ever been to BMW-Welt? Did you get in any of the cars?