This Post Is Not Bipolar.

Over the next few months, the sun’s magnetic field is going to reverse. This happens roughly every eleven years. It’s a significant event, cosmically speaking, but it doesn’t affect us at all like a bad SyFy disaster movie.

Rara says that every time this happens, every eleven years, it heralds huge changes in her life. I’m a big fan of the concept of circles, cycles, renewals, and the like, so this got me thinking about where I was eleven years ago, and where I’ll be next year.

Eleven years ago…  it was September of 2002. I was 29 years old, and I had no idea what the next eleven years would bring.

I was two months into employment with my current company. We had been given six weeks of training, so I was about two weeks into taking customer phone calls. I’m a UNIX systems administrator now, but I started out as a tier 1 technical support rep, and crawled my way up. In the eleven years since then, I’ve had six title changes, including one stint in management. I prefer solving problems to managing people, though.

I had just become single after breaking things off with someone who wasn’t a good fit for me romantically- this was an excellent judgement call though.  Eleven years later, she’s still one of my closest friends, and we’ve seen each other through a lot.

In 2002, my father had been remarried for a little over a year- he remarried at age 62, so I know there’s still hope for me. 2002 was just before my elder brother started dating the woman who is now his wife. It was before my other brother started dating his boyfriend, and they’ve been together now for roughly seven or eight years. In 2002, my oldest niece was twelve years old- she’s a high school teacher now.

2002 was before I bought my condo in South Florida, the one that I sold in 2011 just before I moved to Germany. 2002 was before I acquired my passport, and now I’ve been to fourteen countries, including living in Germany for the last two years.

Today, I’m forty years old and I’m roughly fourteen months away from a move back to the United States.  Anything could happen in the next year, though- and that’s the point.    Big changes are coming in the solar system, and I’m really curious to see where the next eleven years will take me.

Where were you eleven years ago? What do you think the next eleven years hold for you?