The Five Restaurants You Meet In Regensburg

Some of the other expat bloggers I read are part of a Blogger Stammtisch that I’m not involved with, and they have really neat ideas for posts sometimes.  In September, they had a ‘favorite restaurants in your town’ topic, and Grounded Traveler did a post about their top five favorites in Freiburg.   I love to eat, so this really got me thinking.

Regensburg has truly embraced cafe culture, so much so that some people refer to Regensburg as Italy’s northernmost city. There are so many bars and restaurants here that it’s probably not possible to eat at every single one.  The sheer logistical impossibility has not stopped me from trying, though. For the relatively short time that I’ve been here, I’ve actually eaten in a very large number of restaurants.  I really like so many of them that it was difficult to narrow a list down to just five.  For example, do I include the better of the two local Irish Pubs? (Murphy’s Law.)  How about the best of the bajillion traditional Bavarian places in town? (I’ve eaten at many, and I found the Regensburger Weissbräuhaus to be the tastiest.) Do I include the tastiest of the four (that I know about) Indian restaurants?  (Maharadscha, with Taj Mahal a close contender for the Flavor Throne.)  What about steak houses? (Just kidding, there are no good steakhouses in Germany. I’ll have to eat steak when I visit the United Steaks.. er, States again in a few weeks.)

Here are my selections, in no particular order:

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