While I’m not typically one for sports, televised or otherwise, I can’t help but get into the World Cup here.

I first saw the magnificent spectacle that is International football (soccer for you Americans) championships two years ago, during the UEFA European Football Championship.  When I wrote about that series, I had just seen a Holland match while in Holland, and the Orange was everywhere.

I also noticed then, as now, that the Championships are the one time that you really see German patriotism.  Championships are the time that German flags go onto people’s cars and get displayed on houses.  From what my German friends tell me, this only started around the 2006 championships- before that it was almost unheard of to have this level of patriotism in Germany, ever since that whole World War II incident back in the 1940s.

I’ve been really enjoying the games this year; especially this week’s massive 7-1 victory over Brazil’s team.

If you didn’t see the Brazil-Germany match, this animation pretty much sums up the game.

With that victory, Germany is going to the final match of the World Cup.  On Sunday night, they’ll be playing Argentina for the whole enchilada.  I was really hoping it would be the Netherlands…

I’m pretty stoked about the whole thing, and so are my countrymen-  after Germany’s last victory, the Empire State Building in New York City  looked like this:


Have you been watching the World Cup?  Who do you root for?