Europe, ho!

I’ve been clearing out an ancient LiveJournal in preparation for deleting the account. While most of the stuff there is utter fluff, a tiny portion of the posts are worth preserving. What follows is one such post. The original was written on the LJ in September of 2011, as I was considering a move to Germany. This blog was actually created the following month, in October.

I just put my name in for consideration to live and work in Regensburg, Germany, for between one and two years. I don’t know yet if this will happen, or precisely when it will happen, but it’s an intriguing thought.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect. Right now, I have no mortgage- the house closed this week. I haven’t signed a new lease anywhere yet. Most of my stuff is all in storage. My financial obligations are at their lowest right now that they’ve ever been. I would have to decide what to do with my car- store it with family or sell it- but that’s probably the hardest decision I’d have to make before I left.

If I did wind up doing this, it would give me the opportunity to explore the surrounding countries a little bit at a time- The UK, Spain, France, Italy- all short flights away. And trains could take me to Prague or Budapest or Amsterdam.

I’ll be talking more about this as details emerge, I suspect. It’s possible this will all fall through, and it’s equally possible that details will come up that would make it untenable, but for now, it’s a very interesting possibility of what the next two years of my life might look like.