Eleven Eleven Eleven.

One week from right now, I’ll be on a plane that is nearing its final approach into Dusseldorf.  I’ll land in Germany at around 7 AM local time, and I’ll have a nice breakfast in my new country while I wait for my connecting flight to Munich.  I didn’t realize that I was starting my journey to Germany on 11/11/11 until somebody else pointed that out to me; it’s kind of interesting though.  It’s an auspicious date to begin a new adventure.

In my mind’s eye, I picture that first weekend.  I’ll get to the hotel in Regensburg on Saturday afternoon.  I’ll check in, drop off my stuff, change to clothing that hasn’t seen three airports and two continents, and then go back outside.  I’ll walk toward the downtown area or whatever strike’s my fancy, and I’ll explore.  Finding an apartment is very high on my to-do list, but I won’t push that until the Monday after I arrive.  On that Monday, I’ll get my bank account sorted out.  I’ll go into the office and meet my new team.  I’ll check out my desk, set up my new computer, get situated there.

This blog has been very quiet from the last post on the third of October.  That isn’t a sign that nothing has been going on, it’s a sign that everything has been going on.  I’ve inventoried my stuff, and sent it on its way.  Eleven boxes of my clothing, linens, and kitchen goods are currently sitting in the Port of Miami.  They’ll leave before me and arrive to Germany after me, probably clearing customs right around my birthday.

A pasta boat in a box in a crate on a boat. Yeah.

I’ve also done some basic cold weather gear shopping.  I’ve lived my entire life in Florida, and I haven’t really ever experienced a true winter, let alone snow for more than a day.  Luckily, there’s a ski shop nearby- yes, a ski shop in South Florida.  They’re very knowledgable and very helpful.  Over the last month, I’ve acquired a heavy multi-layer jacket, a pair of boots capable of handling snow and ice, some gloves, a pair of scarves, and some inner layer clothing for especially cold days.  I don’t know what this cold is going to feel like, but I suspect I’ll need to buy a little bit more cold weather gear once I get into the thick of it.  At least I’ve got a starter set of warm stuff though.

One week from right now, I’ll be arriving in Germany.



4 thoughts on “Eleven Eleven Eleven.

  1. Bettina

    Hi Steven,

    Everyone is looking forward to your arrival in Germany. Regensburg is a nice city and you can see some nice stuff.

    See you Monday after next.


  2. You’re one of the reasons I enjoyed going to work everyday. Reality is setting in now and I’m beginning to get really bumbed over you leaving. :'(. Man, things are gonna be strange without you around. I will definitely miss you.


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