I got in earlier today, after being awake for nearly 24 hours.  I’m too tired to write a substantial entry right now, but I wanted to jot down a few thoughts.

  • I really profoundly dislike the Dusseldorf airport.  Lots and lots and lots of stairs.  No ATMs or other means of getting Euros inside of the secured area.  And I had to go through security *again* there after clearing passport control.  (Still less annoying than Miami International though.)
  • I had no idea just how much of the land between Munich and Regensburg is farmland.  According to the shuttle driver, much of it is hops.  For Bavarian beer.  I approve.
  • The cold isn’t what’s bugging me about the climate, it’s the absolute zero humidity.  My skin has already dried out and I’ve been in country less than twelve hours.  I’ll have to hunt down some moisturizing stuff tomorrow; I can’t stand this papery dry feeling on my hands.
  • I’m tickled to death at television here.  I put on a station this afternoon and it’s played Big Bang Theory, Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother, The Simpsons, and Futurama- all in German.  (And the voices in the German dub on Scrubs were spot on!)
  • I am ashamed to admit that my first meal in Germany was Burger King.  I was tired and just wanted to grab food and get back to the hotel room, so I went with vaguely-familiar-and-easy.  I’ll try to experiment more later, I promise.
  • I feel like I had a lot more to say here, but I’ve been awake for a looooooong time and I’m not thinking too clearly.  Stay tuned for more!

8 thoughts on “Arrival

  1. Glad you arrived safely.

    Try to find Dermasil lotion. It’s amazingly moisturizing, non-greasy, hypo-allergenic and I love it. If you can’t find that, try Durmud by Ahava [an Israeli company]. It’s also amazingly moisturizing. Also, they’re both cruelty-free. =]

    If you can’t find either [they might be available via Amazon] I can try to send you some Dermasil. I buy lots of it.

    ~many hugs~


  2. Jozzfest

    I loved seeing all the hops farms. The soil there has to be so rich from generations upon generations of farming there.

    Did your shuttle driver ask you if he could go a billion miles an hour? The guy who drove me seemed very hesitant to utilize the no speed limit areas. I told him “Feel free to floor it.” It was awesome 😉

    Also about dubbing, those same voice actors will always play JD, Turk, Ted and the rest also. They try to stick with the same German voice actor for that particular actor’s work.


    1. Steven


      I was not the only passenger on this particular shuttle, so he didn’t ask to open it up. I saw a Lamborghini on the very first day though; I’ll send you the photo I took later on. I also saw a Citroen! I got so excited; I don’t know why but I love those things.


  3. Syd

    Advise from someone who lived in humidity her whole life, then moved to the desert plains: Baby Oil Gel is amazing. Slather it on after you shower & you’ll be better hydrated than anything else ever. And spend the extra # cents for the Johnson & Johnson if you can find it, it’s less greasy.

    Sending you love and best wishes, I’m SO very jealous of you right now.


  4. Hey! I was just checking out your blog…I am a little behind! You’ve done a lot already. I know what you mean about the TV! I just finished watching Glee in German. (It’s pretty entertaining.) FYI: it’s not just the Dusseldorf airport. ATMs are hard to come by a lot of the time…it’s good to carry cash.


    1. Steven

      Thanks for stopping by, Jan! I really enjoy your blog.

      I’ve gotten more used to carrying cash instead of a card. I’ve been here just over a week now, and it’s kind of amazing how fast the mindset can change.


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