Puppy Bus
A girl and her pup on the bus.

Back in October, Jan from This German Texan posted about Germans and their dogs.  I read it, filed it away mentally, and then forgot about it until I got here-  and started to see the same thing.  Germans take their dogs **everywhere!**  The picture to the left is from my daily bus ride-  that little fellow was just snoozing away the ride.

Last week, Michael from the office took me to a traditional Bavarian restaurant.  At one point someone walked into the restaurant with a little yappy dog, and there was a round of solid loud barking between that dog and the one four inches from my feet-  the gentleman to my left had brought his very large, very relaxed dog with him and the larger dog was so quiet and well behaved that I didn’t even realize there was a dog there until the interaction with the newer smaller dog.    And this was the kind of dog you could put a saddle on.

Yeah, Jan was right.  Germans take their pups everywhere.


4 thoughts on “Fur-many

  1. JuliFox

    Yup! That’s something I actually missed when we moved back to the States after being stationed in Germany for three years. They’re a much more dog-friendly culture. And interesting note about big dogs vs. small dogs – I see the same thing here! We have a Great Dane and she’s very laid-back and quiet – doesn’t bark unless there’s a need. But recently three new tenants have moved into our building, all with small, yappy – and vicious! – little dogs.


    1. Steven

      Great Dane… now *there’s* a dog large enough for a saddle. I had a friend about fifteen years ago who had two great danes in a single house. They were like little ponies with wet noses.

      Where were you in Germany?


    1. Steven

      I’ve always noticed that the smaller dogs tend to just have more excitable personalities, and larger dogs tend to be more chill. There are exceptions, of course, but for the most part I’ve found this to be true.


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