Unfashionably Random

So about the fashion sensibilities here in Regensburg:

  • Skinny jeans are in fashion.  So are Converse of all colors and materials.  I’ve seen some really neat ones.
  • Among the younger set, the Justin Bieber haircut is very popular.  I giggle quietly every time I see it.
  • Every so often, I’ll see someone wearing an outfit that would seem normal in New York or Miami and it makes me do a doubletake- track suits, New York Yankees ball caps on sideways, gold chains.  You know the style.  This made a lot more sense after I took a different route through the city one night last week and passed a “Thug Life” store.  I can’t make anything that amusing up.
  • For the most part, people here tend to be pretty well dressed.  So much so that I feel a little bit shabby every time I walk outside.  I’m sure I’ll get used to it after a little while.  Or maybe I’ll just start dressing better.

pax-lyngdalOn the subject of clothing, and where to put it, I purchased a wardrobe yesterday at Ikea, the “Pax Lyngdal.”  I paid a bunch of extra Euros to have it delivered and assembled here, but it will be worth it because that thing was heavy to even get up to the cash register- I don’t want to think about what a pain it would be to get it up a flight of stairs.  And the front doors are frosted glass and aluminum- I’d much rather someone else do the heavy lifting and assembly on this one.  The only down side to having them deliver and assemble is that I won’t have it here until the 22nd of December, but in my opinion, that’s totally worth the wait.   My clothing can stay in boxes for another week and a half, no problem.

I went back to the Christmas markets last night with new friend Elena, and I wound up having bratwurst to counteract the alcohol in the Gluhwein. Blueberry this time, and it was delicious.  I wanted to get the bratwurst with sour kraut, but I waited too long and they ran out, which was a shame because it smelled amazing.  Instead,  I had what the girl behind the counter called the traditional way.  Spicy mustard, horseradish, and something else I can’t remember.  I think she was just messing with me on the horseradish.  It was damn tasty though.

I’m still not sure what to do with myself on Sundays here-  it’s forbidden by law for businesses to be open on Sundays here.  One of my friends told me that they’re challenging that law now, but I doubt it will change while I’m here.  There are only a few exceptions.  The business in the train station stay open because they’re ostensibly for travelers.  The Arcade opens for a few hours in the afternoon- not the shops, just the restaurants.  Lots of small business run on Sundays; call centers and the like.  Emergency services like police and fire are on duty.  And of course the bus system runs.  It’s just the shops.  If you need medicine on a Sunday, I’m pretty sure your only option is a hospital- the apothekes (sort of like a pharmacy, but not precisely the same) are never open on Sundays.  My routine on Sundays now that I’m in an apartment with no Internet connection (Damn you Kabel Deutschland!) is to sleep in, then hop over to the Arcade for some tea and Internet time in the afternoon.  I’ll probably wind up going over to the Cinemaxx today to see der König der Löwen, in 3D.  I don’t know enough of the language yet to really follow everything, but I know the movie and the songs well enough to still enjoy it.  Plus I really want to hear James Earl Jones dubbed in German.

A note on the Cinemaxx- they do some movies in originalfassung (original language) on Monday  nights- I’m really hoping that the Muppet Movie makes it over here soon; I really want to see that one quite badly.  Right now it’s Puss In Boots, which I have no interest in seeing.  Come on, Muppets!

4 thoughts on “Unfashionably Random

  1. Leere Dose

    Hi Steven,

    I read through your blog and it’s nice to see what kind of experiences a foreigner makes in Germany. 😉

    Not all of the pharmacies (Apotheken) are open on Sundays, bank holidays or at night but there’s always some kind emergency service of at least one pharmacy per town (in Munich of course there are several).
    If you just go to one pharmacy you should – normally very close to the entrance – see a label that shows which pharmacy is on duty. The emergency service runs from 08:30am to 08:30am the next day. If the next day is a bank holiday as well than it changes to another pharmacy.
    There’s just an additional fee of IIRC 2,50 Euro per article unless the doctors puts a mark on the prescription that it’s *really* urgent.

    The signs are normally looking like this:


    1. I was aware that there are always one or two late night or 24 hour Apothekes- there has to be an emergency option besides the hospital.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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