Turn Left

One of my favorite things about being in Regensburg is that all I ever need to do to find something interesting is to take a different path.  For example, yesterday I was feeling Noble and I turned left instead of right.  I had originally wanted to check out the posted menu of a nearby restaurant, and instead I discovered the remains of an old Roman fort.

Specifically, I stumbled across the Römermauer, a section of Roman wall from the original Castra Regina (“fortress by the river Regen”) which was built around 179 AD during the reign of Marcus Aurelius.

I’ve seen little sections of Roman walls all over town-  many of the ancient Roman structures survived the bombing of World War II, and they pop up all over town.  It’s fascinating to see the ancient stone speckled throughout the more modern architecture of the area.

This is the first time I’ve seen this much intact fortress though, and it’s even more surprising because it’s sandwiched between the McDonald’s and another restaurant.  I’ve walked past this point dozens of times,but I never realized that it was there because it’s down a slope and not visible from the street.  If you walk down the stairs, there’s a little sign explaining it:

Right across from the sign is another small stair that allows you to climb up into the turret which is still intact.

I hope I never become so complacent that I stop finding fascinating little things like this.


3 thoughts on “Turn Left

  1. bunny42

    What I find fascinating is that here you have a two-thousand-year old antiquity, and there’s nobody around. It’s just sort of taken for granted. In this country it would be cordoned off and somebody would be charging admission, and people would be standing in line. Or, it would turn out to be a mock-up for a movie set, or an attraction at Disney World. You’re having the adventure of a lifetime just walking around town. I’m envious.


  2. I love places like that. Interesting and constantly surprising. We lived in Luxembourg City for a while last year and it was always throwing up interesting things for us.

    Keep exploring!



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