Palmator: Das Starkbierfest Am Adlersberg

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Palmator: Das Starkbierfest Am Adlersberg, a set on SmugMug.  There are more pictures in the set, so click on through!

On the way to breakfast this morning, there were a lot of people wearing lederhosen and dirndls, the traditional Bavarian outfits that Americans always picture when they think of Germany.

The reason for this belongs to the Prösslbräu Brewery in Adlersberg

Palm Sunday is the first day of the year that they serve Palmator, a dark and strong bock beer from their kegs. A lot of people turn out for the beer, the band, and the traditional Bavarian outfits.

I managed to find my way out there, sharing a taxi with some friendly guys who were also going after the number twelve bus was far, far too packed to be useful. The beer is served in one liter glasses- this is a much larger volume of beer than I’m used to, and those glasses were heavy!

Also of note- one of these pictures shows what was being used as a men’s room- the Germans have turned public urination into an art form.

The brewery sits on top of a pretty good sized hill, so there’s a fantastic view from the top of the wall, looking all the way back to the city.


4 thoughts on “Palmator: Das Starkbierfest Am Adlersberg

  1. gorthx

    WOW that is a big mug of beer.

    I learned very quickly that I should not drink more than one beer per day in Germany.


    1. Steven

      It’s different at the pub on a regular night- most beer is sold in half liters, and little of it is quite as strong as starkbier, or strong beer. I’ve had four drinks in a row that weren’t as strong ad this one liter of Palmator.

      By the way, I saw that you submitted your comment twice; I approved the newer of the two and deleted the other. Now that you’ve had one comment approved, it shouldn’t hold yours for moderation again.


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