Short Post: American Style

One of the things that has been continually and steadfastly amusing to me since my arrival is the German marketing gimmick of referring to something as American Style to drum up interest.  Here’s a couple of examples that made me laugh.

The only place I’ve actually seen pancakes besides the grocery store is at an “American” diner.
Very few foods are less German than plain white bread. Real German bread has a lot more varieties- and a lot more flavor.
I’ve had long conversations with the guys in the office about “American style pizza,” during which I explained the differences between New York style, Chicago style, deep dish, pan, and a few other varieties of good old American pizza. None of them really resembled this “American Style” pizza. The first time I saw this, I knew I had to try it. It was edible, but wasn’t all that great.
American hot dog style? Germans put a lot of strange things on their pizza, but this one is actually kind of appealing.

11 thoughts on “Short Post: American Style

  1. mandino

    My favorite is when a product is not only ‘American Style’ but they slap on some American images, the Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge, etc, to really drive the point home.

    Also with regard to Hot Dog Pizza I think you wrote ‘appealing’ where you meant to write ‘appalling’. … gross!


    1. Well, I like hot dogs, and I like pizza.

      Still, you may be right- I don’t really know that the two flavors together aren’t horrible.


  2. If you have a Joey’s Pizza in Regensburg, I think you can order a pizza with hot dog (or something similar anyway) on it. My ex used to get it and it freaked me out like nobody’s business.

    Also if you want to expand the post beyond foodstuffs, one of my favorites is the “American Style Nails” that all the manicure places advertise. I’m pretty sure the only people in the U.S. that have nails like the ones in the window displays live in inner cities and have 4-syllable names. None of my friends sport neon talons bedazzled with butterflies and jewels. Just sayin.


  3. gorthx

    “The first time I saw this, I knew I had to try it. It was edible, but wasn’t all that great.” Thank you for the personal sacrifices you make for us, your readers.

    I would totally try that hot dog pizza.


  4. You mean, this isn’t what all American’s eat????

    I love how the German’s view the foodstuffs of other countries. I like to visit the food department of the KaDeWe just to laugh at the national food stereotypes. America is always my favourite.


  5. Sonja Muller

    It’s funny. I live in Canada and here it’s the complete opposite. There are a lot of things that are marketed as European and not only food. I even saw an ad once for a European style loft.


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