Wurst Wurst In Regensburg

The weekend before last,I finally got around to trying the historic Wurstkuchl. Founded over 500 years ago, the Wurstkuchl is generally regarded as the oldest fast food restaurant in the world.

The restaurant is right on the banks of the Donau river, right next to the Steinerne Brücke (Stone Bridge). There is a small seated area outside, and an even smaller seating area inside. In between, there’s a tiny doorway right next to the grill where you can get some food “mitnehmen” (to go.)

I tried their standard takeaway, which is a Bratwurstkipferl, a small curved sausage, on a semmel (bread roll), with a helping of sauerkraut and the Wurstkuchl’s famous sweet mustard. The mustard is a family recipe passed down for generations, and they still produce it themselves. In keeping with modern times, however, you can now order their mustard through the Wurstkuchl’s online store. That’s progress!

I didn’t have the foresight to take a picture of my Bratwurst, but I did take a picture of the Wurstkuchl itself. The place is pretty much always busy, because a lot of tour groups stop in for lunch.

Oh, and the subject line of this post, “Wurst wurst in Regensburg?” Don’t believe it for a second; It was delicious. I just used “wurst wurst” for the subject because I like the way it sounds.


3 thoughts on “Wurst Wurst In Regensburg

  1. The sausage is really yummy there, but I have a hunch it is rather expensive compared to other venues. I get a Bratwurstsemmel from the ladies at the stand on Neupfarrplatz a couple times a month for €1,90…but I’m pretty sure that stand hasn’t been there 20 years, let alone 800, so all the charm is missing.

    Also really good at the Wurstküche (and in the restaurant indoors next to the UNESCO visitor center) is the potato soup. However, there is a small trick to it: it’s listed there as “Erdäpfelsuppe” (“soup of apples of the earth,” à la pomme de terre), so I didn’t see it the first 5 times I scanned through the menu to look for it. Felt kinda dumb when the waiter pointed it out under its old-fashioned name.


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