I’m On My Way

This post is being written at 37,000 feet.  In-flight Wi-Fi is a nifty, nifty technology.    I’ll write up a proper trip report after I’ve gotten back home to Regensburg, though-  I haven’t yet sorted my pictures or my thoughts from the last two and a half weeks.

In another five hours, I’ll be back in Munich.  Another two hours after that and I’ll have collected my luggage, taken the 635 bus from MUC to Freising, and hopped a train from Freising back to Regensburg.

After that, I just have to try to stay awake until around bed time to stave off jet lag.    Maybe I’ll finally get around to doing the homework from my German class that I’ve been putting off all vacation long.

Longer posts coming up, now that I’ll be back in town, and it’s snow and Glühwein season!

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    1. They limit bandwidth intensive things- that includes Skype and other VoIP software. The pipe is pretty narrow anyway so anything more than web, email, or instant messaging is going to be too slow to be useable.


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