Four Day Weekend Ahead!

I just realized that Friday the 29th of March and Monday the first of April are both Bavarian public holidays. That means I have a perfect opportunity to get some proper travel in. Now I just have to decide where to go… what do you guys think?

Oh, and does anyone want to go with me?

16 thoughts on “Four Day Weekend Ahead!

  1. The three countries in one weekend sounds FAB but Ireland is absolutely beautiful. I went a while back and so far as farad country side beauty, it’s got Germany beat. You may want to hit the Shannon side though!


  2. I like your Baden-Wuerttemburg and surrounding cities idea and all, but I won’t be there and I live right by all those. I’ve also realized these holidays and will thus be heading down to Sicily courtesy of RyanAir, so I voted for Ireland because I’m dying to go. Weather may suck though – so maybe Istanbul.


    1. I will definitely get to Ireland at some point, even if it’s not this trip. Everything on the poll is in my list of places I want to go…

      By the way, I’m envious of your proximity to an airport serviced by Ryanair… it would add hours to my travel time to use Ryanair because they don’t fly out of MUC or Nürnberg, my closest flughafens.


      1. Yeah I’m very lucky, but the destinations are limited but luckily I also have Stuttgart and Frankfurt to fly out of. Frankfurt Hahn is always so tempting because they fly SO many places with Ryanair but apparently getting there defines travel hell so I’ve always avoided it.


  3. Robert

    I voted for the 3-country-trip – 4 days is not really long for Ireland (it’s ok for Dublin, but whilst you’re there)…
    Btw, there’s no need to envy Ryanair-proximity – Air Lingus flies out of MUC quite regularily and they’re not really expensive (I used to do MUC-DUB-MUC quite regularily and paid 80 – 200 €/round trip)…


    1. I do recall seeing an Aer Lingus flight out of MUC, but it’s not just Ireland that made me envy her Ryanair proximity- a lot of their flights are dirt cheap for other places I’d like to go besides Ireland.


  4. I’d say three countries in one weekend, because how often do you get to do that? Freiburg was really a nice little city, and the countryside is beautiful there so I’m thinking that would be a sweet scenery trip. Or I’d say get out of the clouds and find some sun in Istanbul. Either way, looking forward to the resulting posts!


  5. Personally I would avoid RyanAir at all costs — while your trip might go well, if something goes wrong it will be a disaster. Further, as a non-EU citizen, your RyanAir experience is complicated by needing your boarding pass stamped before going through security. I’ve known people who have been caught in that trap — and because they forgot one step, it ended up costing them several hundred €uro.

    I voted for Cardiff, but I’m geeky that way.


  6. bunny42

    I know all you young whippersnappers automatically think of They Might Be Giants, but did you know that the song was originally recorded in 1953 by The Four Lads? I digress….


  7. tg

    Freiburg, Basel, Strasbourg are a good idea – but weather will be much better in late summer, early autumn. Which is true for most of your chosen travel destinations, including Istanbul. Rome might be the best choice for that time of the year.


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