Last Weekend, In A Photo Gallery Nutshell

While my inbox was exploding with new friends from being Freshly Pressed and listed in Friday Faves, I was out of the country, and mildly out of my mind. I’m planning on going back through all the comments and likes and follows from the Sci-Fi Expatriates post, but I just haven’t had the time yet. I got stuck for an extra night in Frankfurt last week because of flight delays, but that’s another post. That’s probably Monday’s post, actually.

The reason that I was in Frankfurt in the first place is that I was on my way to Orlando to hang out with some friends at Megacon, a pretty nifty convention for sci-fi, anime, gaming, and so forth. The big highlight of this year’s Megacon was a panel with the entire original cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation- Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Levar Burton, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, Wil Wheaton, Denise Crosby, and even John DeLancie. Much fun was had by all.

Panels and friends are only part of the fun at conventions though- one of my favorite things about cons is all the people in costumes! People in fandom can be so creative, and I love to see what people get into. Generally speaking, I don’t get the anime and video game based costumes, but the stuff from comics, movies, and television I usually get right away because that’s my particular geekiness.

Since I only have two days between getting back from Florida and heading off to Frankfurt again (but planned, this time!) I’m going to cheat a bit and just show you guys a gallery of my some of my favorite costumes from the weekend. Make with the clicky to see captions!


5 thoughts on “Last Weekend, In A Photo Gallery Nutshell

  1. Great photos! Those people get such “balls” points from me. I’m way too much of a wuss to dress up for anything like that. Love the ‘hobbits journeying into Orlando’ picture. Would that make Space Mountain Mount Doom? 🙂

    And I’m so looking for a TARDIS hat for my sister for Christmas this year. She would go crazy for that.


  2. jennnanigans

    OHMYGOSH! I wish I’d known you were in town, I went on Saturday! It was such a great time! Ah well, glad you got to pop over for it and see some friends!


    1. I was there on Saturday! The problem is it was SOOOO crowded that day; we could have been within ten feet of each other and still not seen one another.


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