Burg Prunn

One of the things that you learn while living in Germany is that castles are to Germany what Waffle House, Coca-Cola, and the name Peachtree are to Atlanta.  There are castles everywhere over here.  Some of them aren’t all that stereotypically castle-ish.  For example, there’s Prunn Castle.

Burg (Castle) Prunn sits on the edge of a hill, so the view from the castle wall is nothing short of spectacular.  There’s literary historical significance to this castle, also.  The “Prunner Codex“, the fourth oldest complete manuscript of the high German heroic epic, the Nibelungenlied, was discovered in this castle.

The castle goes back to the 11th century, and there are clearly two parts to the castle. The central tower, and the buildings which were constructed around the tower later on.


There is a small courtyard near the main entrance to the castle.  Unfortunately, pictures are not permitted inside the castle, so I can only show you the outside walls.  The inside was cold, but fascinating.  The entire structure has even been immortalized in Lego.


Have you been to Burg Prunn?  What’s your favorite castle?


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  1. I don’t think any of the castles I’ve seen here have been typically castle-ish. A lot of them have technically been “palaces” or “fortresses,” too – at least in name.


  2. If you’re ever in Nittendorf, check out the Ruine Loch (that’s what they’re calling it on Google Maps). Its a tiny hike up the side of a mountain with some amazing views. The castle was built into the side of a mountain, so you can poke in and out of the ruins. It’s like being in a National Geographic article!


  3. Though I’m German I’ve never heard of Burg Prunn before. Looks worth a visit.
    My favorite castle is not far away from where I live. It’s Burg Altena in Westfalen (Westphalia) with the world’s first youth hostel and several museums.

    Your blog and view on Germany and Germans is very interesting!


  4. I need to see Neuschwanstein as well. We’ve been down there twice in the last 15 years and each time the wait was SOOOO long that we ended up just taking a tour of Hohenschwangau and leaving it at that. My favourite is Herrenchiemsee.

    You should head a little farther down Altmühltal to Riedenburg and check out Rosenhof (or Rosenburg? I can never remember), the birds of prey demonstration there is pretty cool. It’s only about five kilometers farther along from Prunn. There is a stalactite grotto near Prunn as well that I have always meant to visit, but the Good Wife is claustrophobic, so it would have to be an outing with just the Daughter, I think.


  5. I love all the little castles dotted around all over German. Picking a favourite would be far too hard! Burg Hohenzollern is quite impressive, though.

    I’d quite like to visit Schloß Lichtenstein – the pictures I’ve seen of it look amazing!


  6. My husband and I love castle ruins. Our two favorites are Flossenburg (which there is also a concentration camp in the same town) and Burg Weissenstein, both which are just up north A93 from your location. We also loved Burghausen Castle, part of the move The 3 Musketeers was filmed there!


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