The Regensburg Classic Car Meet

CCM-regensburgOn the first Friday of each month between May and October, there’s a Classic Car Meet here in Regensburg.  People with vintage cars bring their wheels out to see and be seen, and a different Rockabilly band plays each month.

It was still a little chilly for the May outing, but that didn’t stop people from coming out with their cars.  There were a handful of right-hand drive vehicles, and a few European makes and models.  For example, this marvelous golden Lotus Esprit.


There were also some really neat old utility vehicles like this Jeep, which was for sale.


For the most part, though, a fairly large majority of the cars I saw were vintage American cars.   Here’s some pictures to give you an idea.

classiccarmeet-3 classiccarmeet-4 classiccarmeet-5

A pink Cadillac convertible.  I so want to drive this down Route 66, stopping at all the roadside attractions along the way.

classiccarmeet-6 classiccarmeet-7 classiccarmeet-8 classiccarmeet-9 classiccarmeet-10 classiccarmeet-11

This taxi-hearse cracked me the hell up.  It’s got a brilliant paint job.

classiccarmeet-12classiccarmeet-13 classiccarmeet-14

Naturally there were a few tv and movie themed cars.  For example, there was a KITT modification on this one:

classiccarmeet-15 classiccarmeet-16

…and there was the obligatory DeLorean DMC-12.

classiccarmeet-17 classiccarmeet-18

Naturally, this one has a Flux Capacitor between the seats.


One of the few right-hand drive cars I saw.

classiccarmeet-20 classiccarmeet-21 classiccarmeet-22 classiccarmeet-23 classiccarmeet-24 classiccarmeet-25 classiccarmeet-26

Have you ever been to a classic car meet?


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  1. Funny being old enough to remember when a lot of the cars you posted were just part of the landscape. My grandpa had one of those green Pontiacs and I remember at 4 being in it as my mom tried to handle the manual transmission. The red Mustang sure looks sweet, as does that right-hand drive MG.


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