The Untersberg

Sixteen kilometers (ten miles) south of Salzburg is a mountain called the Untersberg.  From the city center, bus line 25 will take you all the way to the cable car station at the base of the mountain.


The cable car that runs up the Untersberg is called the Untersbergbahn.  Naturally.


Some examples of the cables in use for cable cars.


Today’s weather on the Untersberg.   From top to bottom, it’s “sun, bright, cloudy/overcast, rain, fog, snowfall, light wind, strong wind.”  I should have known before I went up that nebel meant fog…


The height of things. The cable car covers 2.5 Kilometers across ground, and brings you to a station at 1,776 meters up the mountain.


This is what the cables look like from the station at the base.


Because of the fog, it looked like it was just sort of going up into nothingness.


The mountain looked fascinating from the cable car- at least the bits I could see before we ducked into the fog and cloud cover.

untersberg-10 untersberg-11

…and this was the view from the top.


Seriously, there could have been an alien civilization just past that low rise, and I would never have seen it.  I did catch this picture just as the snowball thrown by man-in-red hit man-in-grey.  Snowballs in late May when it’s raining on the ground are kind of comical, but that’s mountains for you.


I’m sure on a clear day, this is a beautiful place to have a drink.  The bus stop sign (the H in the circle) cracks me up.


And finally, the view back down the mountain, looking out from where the cable car leaves the station at the top.  This builds confidence, wouldn’t you say?


Have you ever been up to the top of a mountain? How was the view?


5 thoughts on “The Untersberg

  1. Love this… the first time I went to the Untersberg it was just as cloudy. BUT it was mid-June so there wasn’t any snow. Or just a little, under some rocks. The second time was at the end of May and it was absolutely gorgeous. I want to hike up there at some point; since I’ve done the cable car twice I figure I should probably try the hard way at least once. 🙂


    1. Your comment got spam filtered! How weird.

      I’m still planning on the Zugspitze sometime soon. Maybe in September. Your posts about it have inspired me to get high. Er, to go into places of high altitude.


  2. This sort of happened ot me when visiting Pilatus in Switzerland, but it ended up towering way above the fog, so then the clouds just blocked the lake view but you could at least see other mountain tops. Looks like it’d be pretty great on a nice day!


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