August Break: One Thing I’ll Miss

I’m on an August Break from my regular blogging schedule. Here’s today’s picture.

I’m often asked what I’ll miss about Germany when I leave.  The list is a long one, but the bakeries are near the top of that list.  The picture below is one of my all time favorite German concoctions.   Basically, you take a fresh pretzel, slice it lengthwise, slather butter on it, and put it back together like a little sandwich. It’s callled a Butterbreze, which means buttered pretzel-  the name is simple because, honestly, why would you  saddle such an elegant and tasty treat with a more complicated name?

Sehr Lecker!


Really, can you ever have too much butter?


11 thoughts on “August Break: One Thing I’ll Miss

  1. Mmmm! Miss those bakeries. My favorite fun-and-slightly-confusing cultural fact here is that we refer to “pretzels” as anything made of that substance, but in German it’s just the shape 🙂


        1. Easy peasy. Get a bagel slicer (or get really steady with a knife), slice a freshly baked pretzel in two, slather butter on it, and slap it back together.

          The thing that makes them awesome here is the freshly baked part- the bakeries here produce an insane amount of pretzels, and they’re almost all delicious. (Certain chains of bakeries use different butter levels, and it changes the flavors in ways I do not care for, but I shant name names.)


            1. Yes, normal butter. Although I suspect they may lace it with crack.

              Frischkäsebretze are the same thing, but with cream cheese instead of butter. Also delicious.


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