August Break: What the wash?

I’m on an August Break from my regular blogging schedule. Here’s today’s picture.

Apartments here don’t come with clothing washers built in.  When I moved in, I had to buy one.  To this day, I  still don’t quite know what all the functions do, because the instruction manual is also auf Deutsch.

2013-02-09 15.13.46

Do you prefer front-loaders or top-loaders?


5 thoughts on “August Break: What the wash?

  1. I’m surprised there’s no eco setting. If we have time, we usually use the eco setting, but mostly I use the speed 30 min setting. Koch is the normal setting and should have more time options than the others. I’d guess business is for suits, and outdoor would be for muddy things?


    1. I think most of the settings are “eco,” because a normal load takes about two, two and a half hours but Schnell works in about one hour.

      The ‘outdoor’ is actually for outerwear like jackets with special water resistant coatings (Jack Wolfskin, Mammut, etc), but I need to read up on how to use that without ruining the coating.


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