August Break: Thursday Nights

I’m on an August Break from my regular blogging schedule. Here’s today’s picture.

A big chunk of my limited social life takes place on Thursday nights.  There’s a regular Stammtisch that I attend.  Tisch is German for table, and one of the many meanings of Stamm is regulars.  In other words, Stammtisch is a word which is loosely based on the idea of a table of regulars.  In America, this would just be called a Meetup.

Mine is a bunch of people who meet regulary to drink and socialize, and I’ve made some very dear friends through this group.  Included in the lower half of this photograph are the kick ass Converse boots (and left knee) of Cat, one of the just mentioned dear friends.  This photograph was a happy accident, by the way-  I accidentally start the camera on my phone quite often, and I usually wind up with pictures of my pocket lining, or of artful blurs.  Sometimes the camera records a happy accident, like this kind of nifty shot of a regular Thursday evening Stammtisch.


Thursday nights are also the one night a week that I’m almost always in the Altstadt, which gives me a chance to walk past this view.  It’s easy to get jaded, but this set of buildings is amazing, and I try not to take the scenery for granted.


Have you ever been to a Stammtisch?  How about a Meetup? What kind of group was it?


6 thoughts on “August Break: Thursday Nights

  1. Those Converse are awesome!! Is this the trivia night too or that’s different? that is definitely an amazing view, and wonderful that you can maintain the awareness of appreciation 🙂 ❤


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