Seasons Change

One thing that is definitely different from living in Florida is having actual seasons.  In Florida, we have eleven and a half months of summer and two weeks of winter each February.

Here, the leaves change and there’s a clear distinction between our seven months of winter, five minutes of spring, and two months of blazing hot summer, leading into a pleasant fall where the trees change colors and whatnot.


What’s your favorite thing about Fall?


2 thoughts on “Seasons Change

  1. bunny42

    That we don’t have it here in FL is my favorite thing about fall. Alas, we do have the change back to Eastern Standard Time.


  2. Being from Chicago, I’ve grown up with seasonal changes and can’t imagine a year without them. Fall is definitely my favorite, the colors, the cool nights and warm days in the beginning with the gradual shifting to cold. Apple picking, pumpkin everything, my birthday!


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