Regensburg Spindellauf 2014

spindellauf0Last weekend was the annual Regensburg Spindellauf, a yearly run in the DEZ (Donau-Einkaufszentrum,) a big shopping center a short distance away.  The run is partly inside this multi-level shopping mall, but a part of it goes out to the spiral ramp on the corner of the parking garage, hence the name Spindellauf. (For those who don’t speak German, Spindel is exactly what it sounds like, and lauf is “run.”)

The reason I was there was that Robert (usually mentioned in conjunction with Jenny) fufills a regular function as the Spindelhase.  Hase is German for rabbit or hare.  In the Spindellauf, he acts much like a pace car in automobile racing.  He leads the first lap, then leaves the course.

Before the race, he was introduced so that everyone else could see who he was.  He’s wearing a bright yellow shirt with a racing hare on the back, rabbit ears, and – most amusingly – a sequined pink bowtie.  That’s just how Robert rolls.


During the race, there are food and drink tables and two separate stages for bands to rock out-  this is a festive event that draws a pretty huge crowd.


I didn’t bring my good camera to this event, so my race-time pictures aren’t very good.  This is Robert leading the first lap:


Although you can’t really see it from my pictures, there were a great many runners in this event.


For contrast, this is what it looks like if you’re the official Spindellauf photographer with a proper camera- this next picture is from the 2013 race, but you get the idea.


Some of the runners were doing teams, and passing a baton.  These are runners waiting for their teammate to reach this point to hand off the baton.


…and when the baton reaches them, they take off.

spindellauf6.jpg spindellauf7.jpg

Have you ever attended a marathon or running event in your town?


8 thoughts on “Regensburg Spindellauf 2014

  1. Was it slippery? It looks like this would be a difficult surface to run on. I had to chuckle though. In the states the Seniors always go to the mall for exercise walks.


    1. Robert

      It was only slippery on a very short part of the track – the outside was just fine (wet asphalt) and the first meters inside were on (especially laid out for the race) carpet. The first meters after that were a bit slippery, but not very.


  2. Running through a shopping centre… wow. Never heard of that before.

    My aunts and uncles like to run marathons. You wouldn’t catch me joining them though!


  3. Robert

    As I am the Spindelhase, I have to confess – yes, I have! 🙂
    I also ran a marathon, a half marathon and various 10k and 5ks in Regensburg – I liked that very much and racing (and running) in and around Regensburg is always fun, because Regensburg is such a nice and lovely city.
    Where else do you have the opportunity to run across a bridge that is (almost) 900 years old and by a cathedral that has 750 years on it’s shoulders?!


  4. Michael Z.

    The London marathon went straight past my house when I was living in the London Docklands. That was in 2006, I think.


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