The Bishop’s Gone Walkabout

I was walking past Albertstraße this weekend when I noticed something peculiar.  This pedestal was empty:


The last time I looked, which wasn’t all that long ago, the Bishop was still there, just as in this picture from a different blog post back in January of 2012.  I don’t know if he was stolen, or if he was taken to be cleaned.  He could be in the process of moving to another location, or perhaps he’s still there behind a complicated mirror-based illusion.

My neighbor tells me that he’s being restored and the moved to his original location.  During the war, the statue was removed to be melted down for ammunition.  Years later, the statue was found in a warehouse and installed in the current location.

That explanation is boring, though.   I prefer, much like Grig, to think of him as battling evil in another dimension.


Where do YOU think the Bishop has gone?


6 thoughts on “The Bishop’s Gone Walkabout

  1. Amelie

    He’s probably off saving Ripley, or practicing that knife thing, or hiding the fact he’s an android from all the other statues. Statues are very judgmental! 😛


  2. Zyriacus

    Could as well have been stolen. At times when thieves are raiding transformer stations (notice: current still ON) for copper and other metal this is not to be neglected.
    But I still hope the guy is safe in some workshop to be cleaned of dove-shit.


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