What on earth is a pizza-burger?

While I was traveling the weekend before last, I saw a commercial for a food called a Dr. Oetker PizzaBurger. It was part pizza and part burger and it was entirely fascinating.

My friends, my happy friends, I have tried the PizzaBurger so you don’t have to.  I have thoughts.

Is it a pizza or is it a burger?  Which phylum of junk food does this fall into?   The box says “2 burgers,” but I think it has more pizza-like qualities than burger-like qualities.  Here, let me show you.  This is the box:


Inside the box, there are two sleeves, each containing one “burger.”  The burger is both the top and bottom half, which you put in the oven, like so.


After about twelve minutes at 220 Celcius, this is how it looked.  To me, this looks like two small pizzas.    There’s nothing burgerlike about them except the shape-  no meat patty, no wilted lettuce, no burgeriffic condiments.


However, the next step is to put the two parts together with their gooey cheese bits touching.  It was roughly burger-shaped, but it was pizza-flavored.  It turns out that the bun is the one thing that’s burgerlike-  even after being baked in the oven, it’s soft and fluffy like a good hamburger bun should be.  Alas, a burger is not made by fluffy buns alone.

My opinion:  I think it’s just an interesting new form factor for pizza, and not a burger at all!

Sure was tasty, though.


Have you ever tried a PizzaBurger?  What do you think- is it a pizza or is it a burger? 


12 thoughts on “What on earth is a pizza-burger?

  1. I saw these last weekend at Edeka and thought….wha?! It seemed to be like another wacky thing Pizza Hut came up with to sell pizza: dessert pizza, cheese in the crust pizza, etc. I am so glad that you shared your culinary experience here with us.


  2. papascott

    Pizza burgers were served in our high school cafeteria back in the ’70s. They were open faced and nearly meatless. They not among my most pleasant memories of high school.


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  4. We also had pizzaburgers at school lunch in the 80s. They were actual patties with some pizza-y cheese, sauce, & herbs mixed in. I think they may have been breaded & fried. Big hit with kids! This sounds totally different, though.


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