Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain

In Duisburg, Germany, there is an unusual structure called Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain.  It looks for all the world like a roller coaster, but it’s actually stairs, and it’s considered a sculpture.    You can climb on all parts of it except the inverted portion of the loop, for obvious reasons.

We never did figure out why they named it Tiger & Turtle.

tiger-turtle-1 tiger-turtle-2 tiger-turtle-3 tiger-turtle-4 tiger-turtle-5 tiger-turtle-6 tiger-turtle-7

Have you ever been to Tiger & Turtle?  Why do you think it was given that name?


7 thoughts on “Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain

  1. Robert

    The name is a reference to the dynamic of a tiger and the slowness of a turtle.
    The sculpture is the dynamic part and the visitors are the turtles.




  2. T

    The “operating instructions” destroy all the fun. But then again, maybe that’s where society is heading. Organized fun. Freaky, crazy, cool … but keep to the rules. If you don’t … Danger Everywhere.


  3. Amelie

    Give some of the operating instructions, I think this place is on top of a fully-functional secret lair. It’s a big metal thing that acts a power source and a distraction from what’s really underneath? Or maybe I read too many comic books? 😛 These are very neat, kinda surreal photos.


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