The Holiday Fantasy of Lights at Tradewind Park

I’m being a very bad blogger, because I haven’t actually had much downtime to write a regular post lately.  I also don’t have many ideas for what to write about, but I’m still working on that.  I do still take a zillion pictures everywhere I go, especially when the place I’ve gone is very entertaining.

Here’s an example-  over the weekend, Amelie and I went through the Holiday Fantasy of Lights at Tradewind Park in Coconut Creek, Florida.  Basically, they’ve set up all kinds of amazing Christmas and holiday themed light displays along the drive-through portion of the park.  The light show is open from 6pm to 10pm all the way to January 3rd, and it’s $14 per car.  They also sell 3-D glasses  for $3 a pop to enhance the lights, because the three-dimensional objects in the park are not 3-D enough.  This is hilarious.

The Holida Festival of Lights came to my attention because it’s visible from the Florida Turnpike, and it turned out to be significantly larger than I expected.  It’s no Christkindlmarkt, but it’s still a fun little thing to see.    Some of these photographs came out a little fuzzy because of the lighting and the moving car, and also because I couldn’t open my car windows that soon after they were tinted.


This traffic thinned out quite a bit once we got past the admission booths.


Severus the Christmas Sea-Horse… has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?


Just in case you forgot we’re in Florida, here’s a manatee.

fantasyoflights4 fantasyoflights5

…and penguins to suggest coldness even though it was still at least 70 degrees at dusk.


This fellow had a very convincing ho ho ho.


More penguinosity.

fantasyoflights8 fantasyoflights9 fantasyoflights10 fantasyoflights11

I’m not entirely sure what a snail has to do with the holidays, but we both liked him.

fantasyoflights12 fantasyoflights13 fantasyoflights14

I’m not convinced that the 3-D glasses would have made this any cooler, but hallucinogenic drugs certainly would have.

fantasyoflights15 fantasyoflights16

This bear is epic.

fantasyoflights17 fantasyoflights18

Ice-skating bear.  Check.  Not as great as the previously noted epic bear though.

fantasyoflights19 fantasyoflights20 fantasyoflights21

We had a lively debate on what this is supposed to be.  It sort of looks like a ginger-bread penguin.


::cough cough:: Disney castle design rip-off. ::cough::


This is a good way to end any story.



9 thoughts on “The Holiday Fantasy of Lights at Tradewind Park

  1. bunny42

    They seem to have gotten even better. Guess it’s time we go again! The $14 goes to charity, BTW, or it did last time we were there. That tunnel thingie is really cool from inside.


  2. hahaha love this — brought back some good memories. I grew up in South Florida and now I live in Germany, and when I brought Mr. German Man back home to meet my parents the first time, it was around Thanksgiving. He was shocked to hear Christmas music playing as we lounged by the pool in shorts 😉


    1. I moved back from Germany in October- I left Munich with cold wet rain, and landed in Florida- 90F and bone-bleaching sun. Where in Germany are you?


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