Unanswered Questions, or an amnesty on polite-but-late inquiries.

During a recent group conversation on social media, a group of my friends decided to exchange non-Internet contact info in case of emergencies. After phone numbers and other details were swapped around, one of the people in the group said to me, “I FINALLY have your phone number!”

I would have been happy to give this friend my phone number at any time in the preceding year, had I known that she didn’t have it. Alas, we were caught in that weird social conundrum where you’re missing some piece of information about your friend but you feel like you’ve waited too long to ask.

This happens to me all the time, as it happens.  Usually, it’s people’s names.  I try very hard to remember the names of people who are introduced to me, but I don’t always get it with the first meeting.  Or the second.

With that in mind, I’m declaring an amnesty on all questions.  If there’s anything at all you want to know about me, even if you’ve known me for years and you’ve just been too polite to ask them, now is the time.  I will answer, within reason, any question asked of me.*  If your question is suitably interesting, I might answer it in the form of another blog post.  You can ask your question as a comment on this post, or in an e-mail if you’d prefer to ask me something privately.  The e-mail address is on the blog if you need it, to the right of this post.

* – If your question is dickish or WAY too personal, I might decline to answer, but I’ll be nice about it.

So tell me, friends, what do you want to know?

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2 thoughts on “Unanswered Questions, or an amnesty on polite-but-late inquiries.

  1. Lorrie

    I’ve definitely run the gamut from dickish to way-too-personal in the past 35 years but I’m still disappointed in myself for not coming up with a question. Can we make this Question Amnesty thing a yearly occurrence? 🙂

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