While today is our national day of stress and anguish and generalized terrifying anxiety about the results of our presidential election, there’s nothing I can do except wait it out. I voted as soon as early voting began. The election is like a runaway train now- all we can do is ride it to the end. There’s nothing more I can do today, and being a stressball about it will only hurt my own well-being. I’m trying to put the rest of it out of my mind as much as possible until everything settles down.

Instead, I’ll think about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Specifically, I’ll think back to when she was lying in repose at the Supreme Court back in September. Since the Supreme Court is only a few miles away from where I live now, I was able to wander past to pay my respects.

First, I walked past the Capitol building, where the flag was flying at half-mast.

The line of people waiting to walk past RBG’s casket was several hours long. It snaked back and forth between the buildings, then down the street, then down another street, and then down still another street. While I was walking the length of it, I saw people displaying their support in various ways. This mourner’s jacket was awesome. I’d like to think that she wears that jacket all the time.

Ultimately, I chose not to go through the many-hour line, and instead I walked across the street from the front side of the Supreme Court. This is where the media was set up, and I had a clear view straight up the stairs at the front. This was a perfectly acceptable place to have a moment of silence and contemplation for all that RBG did in her lifetime.

I also realized while I was standing there that I missed out on nothing by skipping the two-plus hour line. Even those who waited through the line still didn’t get very close, and my view from across the street was just as clear.

Plus, there was an unexpected benefit to going along the front side of the Supreme Court- the walkway across the street had become absolutely filled with tributes and art and messages of love and hope and gratitude for everything that Justice Ginsburg did. If I had not walked this way, I would never have seen them all.

I’m skipping my traditional end-of-post question, because they all seem trivial and empty on this one. See you all tomorrow.

24/52 (and 3 of 30!)


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  1. bunny42

    This is a beautiful post. I never saw anything about the tributes on the news coverage. Thank you for a very informative look at a fascinating historical event.

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    1. Same- I was surprised that none of the tributes were captured in the news of the two days she was in repose there. Especially since many of the news cameras were in the same area.


  2. Lovely post for this anxiety provoking day! If you’ve never seen the movie about her, ON THE BASIS OF SEX, I highly recommend it! She was such a gift….May her memory be forever a blessing!

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  3. RBG was so monumental. I’ve continued to keep up whenever Nina Totenberg does an interview and is asked about RBG. How they met is quite unique. Really, who really become friends after calling for answers?


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