Don’t feed the flamingos.

Welcome to the halfway point of Nano Poblano! Since most of my posts are either long-form or very photograph heavy, I thought it would be nice to take a beat at the mid-point of November to reflect on how well we’ve all done keeping up the posts.

I’ve been reading loads of things from new friends this month, as they push through their own Tiny Pepper challenges. If you’ve got some time to read new things, take a moment to look at some of these fine folks– you won’t regret it.

I genuinely thought I would have less to talk about because my usual adventures have been completely stifled by the pandemic. It turns out that I have enough tiny adventures to completely keep this train moving.

Speaking of trains, it has now been 100 days since I arrived in Arlington aboard the AutoTrain. One hundred days in my new home, and I still haven’t found a sofa. Or tried all the restaurants I want to try around here. Or met any of my neighbors, really. After one hundred days in Arlington, I’m still exploring and learning my immediate surroundings.

Which brings me to the photo…

I stumbled across this while simply walking around the neighborhood. I was coming back from the store, and I decided to take a slightly different path than normal. I was thinking I might find a slightly more direct route.

My slightly more direct route actually took me between a couple of condo buildings. In the middle of the path, there was a pedestrian roundabout filled with some small plants, a little tree, and… three plastic flamingos. The “please do not feed the flamingos” sign tickled me so much I actually stopped and went back for the photo.

I love signs that exist solely for the joke. This really appeals to my sense of whimsy.

What’s the silliest sign you’ve seen around?

36/52 (and 15 of 30!)


19 thoughts on “Don’t feed the flamingos.

    1. I absolutely love that sign and it is totally the sort of thing that I would do if I thought I could get away with it without bringing down the wrath of the local historical society since we live in an historic building.

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  1. Fun post! My favorites were…
    A neighbor with constant water in the ditch in front of their house put up a tiny bridge and a sign saying FROG CROSSING.
    AND there was a duck crossing sign that I saw as a kid, every day on my way to school. Always thought it was cute.
    Wish I had pictures 😊

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  2. Are the flamingos tiny or is that just the angle? I have small-ish flamingos on hand for my gnome home and though I’m tempted to mimic that sign now, I’m afraid in my city of rebels, I’ll end up with a pile of food in front of my building, 😀 Love this post, so fun!

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    1. The flamingos are tiny! Not as tiny as Controlled Chaos’s little cats, but still quite small.

      …and it says a great deal about the warmth of your hometown that your version of this gag would wind up with a pile of gnomefood. Lovely!

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