Killing Time In Frankfurt: The Palmengarten

The day before I went to Hamburg, I was in Frankfurt for a different concert.  (Most of my trips start with a concert.  Music is what motivates me.)  On that trip, I got to meet up with fellow blogger Charlotte. Charlotte is a Brit who lives in Frankfurt, and it was fun hanging out with her for a little while before that night’s concert.

The next day, I had time to kill before my train to Hamburg, so I asked my friend Jenny, who used to live in the area.  She suggested the Palmengarten, so I took a look.   At 22 hectares, the Palmengarten is the largest botanical garden in Germany.


There are many, many types of plants.  There are indoor sections of the botanical gardens, with greenhouse sections where they grow plants that wouldn’t fare as well outside.


It has a small waterfall.  There’s a walkway that goes behind the waterfall, so you can look out from the other side of this.


There are pedal boats if you’re into that sort of thing.


There’s a very nice fountain there.   I sat by this for quite a while, just enjoying the day.  I like fountains.


The walkway over the water here was very Indiana Jones.  There are large fish and happy ducks sharing the waterways.


Ok, I was wrong earlier.  This path over the water is very Indiana Jones.  It’s more than a little disconcerting until you notice that the stones aren’t just on the surface, they go all the way to the bottom.  Very cool looking.


I went out of my way to find this when I learned it was in the Palmengarten-  an Easter Island head!  Apparently there are actually Moai all over Germany, and I’m only just now learning about this.   There’s another one in Stuttgart, another city I have yet to visit.


Have you ever been to the Palmengarten?  Do you have a favorite botanical garden?   Is there a Moai near you?

Senckenberg Frankfurt – More Dinosaurs!

I’m really not much of a museum-goer.  I like some of them, to be sure, but not all of them.  I’ve talked before about the Deutches Museum before, and I probably mentioned the local historical museum here in Regensburg, but that’s likely it.

That being said, one surefire way for a museum to entice me to come inside is to put giant dinosaurs out front.  For example, the Senckenberg in Frankfurt.  Across the street from the front door, helping you find the way, is this fellow:


…and in front of the main building is this friendly critter:


Once inside, the style settles down a bit, but this is the sort of museum that has skeletons of things and has various animals represented.  There’s a giant hall with a T-Rex, a Triceratops, and some other well known dinos.


The amount of animal life represented in the museum is staggering, and I could easily have posted a gallery of dozens of pictures, but I decided to represent the museum with three dinosaurs and an ancestor of man.  There’s a very nice area about the evolution of hominids with various hominidae skulls, and at the center, a rather nice display of Lucy the Australopithecus.


You might consider this a small amendment to the ‘killing time in Frankfurt‘ post.  The museum is easily reachable by public transportation, and it’s a great way to kill a few hours in the city.

What type of museum do you like the most?  What’s your favorite museum?

Frankfurt In One Day

A few weeks ago, I took an overnight trip to Frankfurt to attend a Thomas Dolby concert.  The concert was excellent, but my train rides into and out of Frankfurt left me with plenty of time to do a quick exploration around the core of the city.