Senckenberg Frankfurt – More Dinosaurs!

I’m really not much of a museum-goer.  I like some of them, to be sure, but not all of them.  I’ve talked before about the Deutches Museum before, and I probably mentioned the local historical museum here in Regensburg, but that’s likely it.

That being said, one surefire way for a museum to entice me to come inside is to put giant dinosaurs out front.  For example, the Senckenberg in Frankfurt.  Across the street from the front door, helping you find the way, is this fellow:


…and in front of the main building is this friendly critter:


Once inside, the style settles down a bit, but this is the sort of museum that has skeletons of things and has various animals represented.  There’s a giant hall with a T-Rex, a Triceratops, and some other well known dinos.


The amount of animal life represented in the museum is staggering, and I could easily have posted a gallery of dozens of pictures, but I decided to represent the museum with three dinosaurs and an ancestor of man.  There’s a very nice area about the evolution of hominids with various hominidae skulls, and at the center, a rather nice display of Lucy the Australopithecus.


You might consider this a small amendment to the ‘killing time in Frankfurt‘ post.  The museum is easily reachable by public transportation, and it’s a great way to kill a few hours in the city.

What type of museum do you like the most?  What’s your favorite museum?

7 thoughts on “Senckenberg Frankfurt – More Dinosaurs!

  1. Amazing!! 🙂 I love it! My favorite museums are the Science ones, though I do love art. I just love rocks and mummies and dinosaurs more! 😀 I don’t have any particular need for them yet, but can I use your photos (with appropriate credits) if I need a dino picture? 🙂


  2. My favorite museum in Germany has to be the Pergamon. Those giant structures are impressive, but even more impressive is the idea that archaeologists would take apart these ancient structures and ship them home. If you love dinosaurs, check out the Museum am Löwentor. Walk with dinos and wooly mammoths.


  3. I’m SO terrible about going to museums. It’s always my “skippable” attraction. I STILL haven’t gone to our massive one, ZKM, in Karlsruhe. But I do usually really enjoy the natural science musesums.


  4. I love museums of all sorts, and was highly disappointed that the only time I was in Frankfurt to not catch a plane, they’d converted the Contemporary Art museum to a Murakami-only exhibition. Haven’t been to this one but will definitely add it to the list to see with the kid. She’s already seen Ludwig, the Kollwitz and the El-De Haus in Cologne but we haven’t made it to the German History Museum in Bonn yet together; waiting until she’s old enough to learn her own history. Dinosaurs, though, that’s totally a 4-year-old’s speed. Thanks for the tip.


  5. My fifth grade students love the Senckenberg! They have all been multiple times, but they still manage to find something different when we go. I am not much of a museum-goer, but I really enjoyed the DDR Museum in Berlin.


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