Donau River Flooding, Monday Evening Pics

Today was our fifth straight day of rain.  Pictures from other places hit by flooding are trickling onto the Net now, and it’s clear that we’re doing really well by comparison.  That being said, our water levels have gone up significantly since the pictures I took on Sunday.  Here’s what the river looked like about 90 minutes ago.  The first few are in front of the Historic Wurstkuchl.

donau2-1 donau2-2


The next batch are taken from the Stone Bridge.

donau2-3 donau2-4 donau2-5 donau2-6 donau2-7 donau2-8 donau2-9 donau2-10 donau2-11 donau2-12 donau2-13

…and finally, a couple taken from the street that runs along the river.  I spent about five minutes with the other people crowding around the barricades before I realized that the water level was at this man’s shoulders and that if the barricades were breached, that was the absolute last place I would want to be standing.

donau2-15 donau2-16


9 thoughts on “Donau River Flooding, Monday Evening Pics

    1. I took a few pictures that I didn’t post of people on the bridge- it was *FULL* of people taking pictures of the water levels.

      The last thing I heard was that the water level is still rising, but I’m not sure if that’s official or just rumor. The rain has slacked off a bit, but it was still raining when I walked to the bus this morning.


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