Donau River Flooding, Tuesday Evening Pics

When I left for work this morning, it was still raining very lightly, but over the course of the day it finally stopped.  The temperature went up around ten degrees. There was even, for a few brief minutes around lunchtime, actual sunshine.

This is a vast improvement.

Since the rain finally stopped, I wanted to see if there were any changes at the river, so I went back out with my camera after I got home from work.    The water level hasn’t changed all that much, but there are a few differences today.

1) The lowest part of the road that runs alongside the river, as well as one of the bridges that crosses it, are entirely closed off except for emergency and official vehicles.



2) The Stone Bridge is still open, and the people of Regensburg are very curious to see what the river looks like.  Now that the rain has stopped, it seems like most of the city was checking out the riverfront.



3) The barriers, which reportedly cost about five million Euros, are holding.  Mostly.  There’s some streets flooded on the north side of the Donau where the water level was just too much for the barriers.  There’s also some small leakage, but water is being pumped back into the river via huge water jets.



4) The business along the most affected areas, like the Historic Wurstkuchl, are doing their best to continuously pump water out to prevent the damage from being too significant.


5) These next four shots look pretty much the same as yesterday.  I promise these photos were taken today though.





I’ll wrap this up with some other new pictures.  I couldn’t get as close to the barriers today; there were Polizei blocking the way for everyone’s safety.  I probably won’t bother going back out there tomorrow because it’s pretty unlikely that things will look all that different.  I suspect it will take a few days for the water levels to drop back to anything approximating normal, but as long as the rain stays away, we might not see more flooding than we have now.

donau3-1  donau3-3   donau3-6 donau3-7


6 thoughts on “Donau River Flooding, Tuesday Evening Pics

  1. I wonder what this is like for people who live and work down there. Are there are a lot of people whose offices or schools are closed at the moment? Did they evacuate some homes?


    1. The flood barriers did a really excellent job of keeping the number of people affected down. There were a few residential streets that were flooded, but not much in the Altstadt. Considering how bad it is in Passau and Deggendorf and Rosenheim, I think Regensburg got off pretty easily.


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