Whamageddon Memorial

On the 24th of December, at 1:12 PM in the afternoon, I have ascended to Whamhalla. It’s my own fault, I suppose- I was listening to a Pandora holiday station, but I thought I was going to be safe because they were playing the likes of Tony Bennett and Gene Autry.

Good luck, my fellow Wham Warriors who are still in the game- just eleven hours remain on the East Coast!



11 thoughts on “Whamageddon Memorial

  1. Lorrie

    I still count getting Whammed over Thanksgiving weekend. But so many people said “December 1st…December 1st” so I caved and started over. I even went to the trouble of skipping the track on my favorite Christmas music CD compilation. Alas, an impulsive stop at Publix did me in yesterday around 1pm. That may be the longest I’ve ever gone while participating in Whamageddon.

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  2. I just read this post so obviously, it’s too late to play. Hopefully next year! But, as a sidenote, I never heard that song all year! And I think I hear it almost every year… How strange! I hope you had a wonderful holiday! And may your new year be full of everything that makes your heart sing

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