August Break: Board Games In Germany

I’m on an August Break from my regular blogging schedule. Here’s today’s pictures.

I love to see products that I’m familiar with in their German format.  Here’s some board games you might recognize…

The Game Of Life.


Billy Beaver.  Just kidding, this one isn’t familiar to me, I just thought it was funny.  Especially since the word balloon translates to, “Hey, hands off of my wood!”

I am twelve years old.




The Settlers From Catan.   Here’s an interesting note on this one-  Die Siedler vom Catan was first published in Germany, in1995.  It started here.   I had no idea.


Do you have any favorite board games?


4 thoughts on “August Break: Board Games In Germany

  1. Gotta love the popularity of board games in Germany. Germans would often ask us if it was as popular in the U.S. to play board games, and we had to politely explain that it’s not exactly a “cool” thing to do, the way it is there 🙂


  2. Michael Z.

    Aw, leave Billy Beaver alone. Anyway, board games are (or at least were in my childhood) a major family pastime. One national favourite is still Ludo, the German title of which (Mensch ärgere dich nicht) roughly translates into “Man, don’t get angry” or something to that effect. It sounds better in German, as these things usually do.


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