August Break: Schulranzen

I’m on an August Break from my regular blogging schedule. Here’s today’s picture.

School-children here all wear these giant jetpack-shaped backpacks called Schulranzen, which basically just means “satchels.”  They’re enormous and typically sort of hardshell, and they look like they hold just about the entire world.  They’ve got all kinds of designs, and they’re colorful with racing cars and ninjas and princesses and unicorns and seahorses and so forth.  When an entire class gets on a bus at once, the sea of colorful backpacks is nothing short of brilliant.

We only had bland one-color Jansport bags.  I’m a little jealous.

2013-03-07 12.28.24

schulranzen01 schulranzen02

Would you have liked these when you were a kid?


5 thoughts on “August Break: Schulranzen

  1. Jenny

    Mine was dark green and orange with Pumuckl on it. When first grade started, I quickly learned that mine was the “wrong” brand – Scout was the only acceptable one. I begged my Mom to get a different one, but she wouldn’t surrender. Schulranzen were quite expensive back then, I believe mine was 100 DM or so.


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