August Break: It’s A Crutch

I’m on an August Break from my regular blogging schedule. Here’s today’s picture.

When I grew up, people who needed crutches always had the vaguely triangular under-the-armpit model with the rubber pad at the top.  Here in Germany, I’ve never seen that style, though.  When someone is on crutches here, it’s always this version. I actually think these are better designed, and I find them kind of interesting.


Have you ever had to use this style of crutches?


5 thoughts on “August Break: It’s A Crutch

  1. Yes, I had to…and was quite good at using them.
    You can extend your steps very much by means of crutches 😉 And you add the power of your arms to walk.
    But of course it’s still better if you don’t need some.
    I’ve never used those “American style” or “old-fashioned” crutches and haven’ t seen them for a long time in Germany.
    (Hope my English was understandable in this comment!?)


  2. When I was traveling in New Zealand, I broke my foot and was given these crutches and I majorly struggled with them. It’s hard to go fast on them (not that you should really be going fast if you’re on crutches anyway..) but I found them terribly difficult. When I got back to the States, I got the “American style” and found them much easier. I think you have to use more of your own weight on the european style maybe? no idea.


  3. When I was a kid and needed crutches, the kind you depict is the kind I would use; the so-called ‘American style’ crutches, to me, are awkward and unusable. Give me a set of these, on the other hand, and it’s like… putting on a comfortable pair of shoes. 🙂


  4. T

    Guess what – I just watched the latest Breaking Bad Episode and thought of your post when I noticed Junior’s crutches. They are “European style” 100%. While fortunately I never had to use crutches at all, those seem a lot more versatile, thus much better especially for people using them over a long term period …


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