August Break: Dult Time Again

I’m on an August Break from my regular blogging schedule. Here’s today’s picture.

It’s Dult time again in Regensburg. I previously posted about Dult here.  It’s a twice a year beer festival that happens here in Regensburg, once in May and once around August.    There are rides.


…and inexplicable American flags.


Tasty food.




Friendly beer tent staff.


Hen parties.  Americans would call these bachelorette parties.  I saw no less than six separate hen parties this weekend.  They’re kind of hard to miss.  Often, they wear matching t-shirts.


…and this photograph includes my favorite part of Dult. 

No, not the ferris wheel.

No, not the cute girls in Dirndls.

Look to the right… see the Mini-Pfannkuchen stand?


Yeah.  These.


In butter and powdered sugar.  So, SO delicious.


Have you ever had mini-Pfannkuchen?  What’s your favorite part of a beer festival?

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