Stadtamhof Weinfest 2013

The weekend before last, there was a Weinfest in Stadtamhof, which is a part of Regensburg right on the other side of the Donau river.  Cliff and Sarah of Das Regensblog invited me to join them, and I accepted even though I’m not much of a wine drinker.

Weinfest is a street festival in Germany, so it looked pretty much like any other street festival in Germany-  lots of people and food stands.  This one also had wine stands, though.


We were only there about two hours before the weather got fairly ominous.  I liked the look of these clouds, though.


Despite not being much of a wine drinker, I quite enjoyed this glass of wine.  It was called a Kerner.  Or a Kepler.  Or a Kabler  I kan’t remember, exactly.


Cliff had this very nice looking red wine.


The food at Weinfest was delicious.  Sarah got the Flammkuchen that I almost tried, with potato and cheese.  Flammkuchen is kind of like a tiny potato-laden flatbread pizza.


Do you prefer red wine or white wine?


6 thoughts on “Stadtamhof Weinfest 2013

  1. Jonathan Glassman

    Seems that I can not drink wine without it giving me a headache. I definitely prefer the flavor of white wine though.


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