Paddington Bear in London

If not for Bevchen of Confuzzledom, I would not have known there was a statue of Paddington Bear inside Paddington Station.  I’ve been in the station many times, and I even knew about the Paddington Bear store,  but I didn’t know there was a statue until Bev mentioned it.

I was in London over the last few days, so I made sure to find the statue for myself.   Here it is, the  bronze Paddington by sculptor and artist Marcus Cornish:

paddington-1 paddington-2

Do you have any favorite statues to visit when you travel?


5 thoughts on “Paddington Bear in London

  1. Yay Paddington!
    I don’t have any statues that I visit, but there are two that I’d really like to visit and get my picture taken with. The first is the statue of Jim Henson and Kermit, which I think is at the University of Maryland. The second is the statue of Chiune Sugihara in LA.


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