Miami arrival.

This is why I hate Miami International Airport.

On Friday, I landed at around 3:20 in the afternoon.    The passport control line took roughly two minutes.  After two minutes of waiting, the passport control guy apologized to me for the delay-  goodness, I missed American customer service.  I was all the way to the baggage claim a few minutes later.

I spent the next hour waiting for my suitcase to come off the carousel.  I try not to check a bag when I travel for exactly this reason, but I brought beer with me back to the US, and that had to be in a checked bag.  The carousel was spitting out bags for the entire hour-  an Airbus A380 holds a LOT of people.  In Frankfurt, there were three separate jetways going to the A380.  This aircraft is HUGE! But I digress…

After my suitcase finally appeared, the customs line took about four minutes.  It took me another ten or fifteen minutes to get through the little tram-thing that takes you to the rental car center, and then I spent another thirty or forty minutes in line for the rental car.

I hit the road at around 5:20 pm, two hours after my flight landed, and drove directly into Miami rush hour traffic.

Do you have any favorite or least favorite airports?  Do you have any particularly amazing or horrible airport experiences?

2 thoughts on “Miami arrival.

  1. Jenny

    As a non-resident, you have to wait for immigration for up to 2 hours in MIA (instead of your 2 mins passport control). An they would never ever apologize for the delay. Instead, they make you feel really unwanted with stupid immigration questions.
    Even worse in SLC: an international flight from Paris, they had one only for non-residents, while the 7 or 8 lines for residents were almost empty. Who would have thought an international flight has non-residents?
    I hate US “customer service” when it comes to immigration.


  2. Maya

    Worst experience? Stuck at Newark all day after a 9 hour flight from Tel Aviv, when my domestic flight was cancelled due to thunderstorms at JFK forcing flights to get routed through to Newark… Nothing provided by the airline.. had to spend my own money on a travel pillow, and meals. And was horribly anxious & paranoid about falling asleep with all my valuables around/underneath me. Finally managed to get rebooked onto the -last- flight of the night to my home airport and only because I practically cried at the phone agent and she could see that I had come off an international trip. Landed at Newark around 7:30 am, landed at home airport 11:15pm or so.


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