The Grillhouse in Regensburg

I’m taking a page from the Sherbet and Sparkles playbook for this post. She sometimes writes small restaurant reviews for places she’s been to around Frankfurt and I think that’s kind of a nifty idea.

The weekend before I traveled to the US, I went with my partner-in-crime Jenny and her boyfriend Robert to The Grill House, in Regensburg.  I hadn’t heard much about this place, but I was entertained by the fact that they chose purposely to use the English spelling of house in their name.

photo 1

Inside, the walls have art that makes my ten-year-old brain giggle endlessly-  the large wall painting is clearly a cow being mounted by a horse.  The opposite wall is covered in smaller illustrations, many of which also show various forms of country western humping.  This amuses me terribly.

photo 2

The menu included some delicious sounding burgers and steaks, as well as chicken dishes.  We each got a steak- mine was the smaller filet with grilled vegetables.

photo 3

The steaks come with sauces to add flavor.  We got one of each type.  I can’t remember what they all were, but the green one was a chimichurri (heavy on the cilantro- yum!), and the bottom three were thyme, red wine, and honey-whiskey, which I thought was particularly delicious.

photo 4

All three of us demolished our steaks-  they were delicious.  The Grill House has officially moved up to be the single best steak I’ve eaten in Europe.  Anyone I’ve talked to about steak in Germany knows that this is a big deal-  German steaks tend to be less delicious than steak in the US.  This place was absolutely delicious.

The Grill House can be found at:

Prüfeninger Straße 98/
Ecke Lilienthalstresse
93049 Regensburg
Open 11am-Midnight.

For reservations, call 0941 / 38 38 6606


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