The Best Schnitzel In Town

Living in Bavaria, there’s a lot of great opportunities to eat schnitzel.  For the uninitiated, schnitzel is meat that’s been flattened with a mallet, breaded, and fried.  Typically, it’s served with a slice of lemon and some form of potatoes.   And it’s delicious.

Wiener Schnitzel is the Vienna version, and it’s traditionally made with veal.  The majority of the schnitzel available around here, is usually made with pork though.  To indicate pork, it would be called Wiener Schnitzel vom Schwein or Schnitzel Wiener Art.  The naming conventions are all pretty confusing to me, actually.

Other meat is sometimes used-  I’ve had turkey Schnitzel, for example, and I’ve seen soy and seitan variations for the vegetarian set.   For the most part, though, veal and pork are the main types of Schnitzel to be had.

While I’ve had a lot of delicious Schnitzel here, two restaurants stand out.

The second best Schnitzel I’ve had in Regensburg was from Zum Steirer Eck, an Austrian restaurant on Ludwigstraße in the Altstadt.   The restaurant is bigger than it looks from the outside, and they have a small open courtyard during warmer months.  The Schnitzel in question was cut into strips, with pumpkin seeds on the crust, and served atop a very delicious salad.


The very best, most delicious Schnitzel I’ve had in Regensburg was at Kreuzschänke at Kreuzgasse 25, another local favorite with a large beer garden for warmer weather.


Not only is the Schnitzel at Kreuzschänke delicious, but the portions are huge!  The plate in the photograph below is the small Schnitzel.   The fork to the left of the plate is full sized, not miniature.


The next photo is the large Schnitzel at Kreuzschänke, seen here being consumed by Robert, a local connoisseur of all things Schnitzel.  You have to be an extremely hungry person to demolish one of these, but it’s so, so worth it.


Do you have a favorite local Schnitzel restaurant?


5 thoughts on “The Best Schnitzel In Town

  1. Where I used to live in Austria, they did giant Schnitzels. These things were so huge they came on a plate of their own! The side dish was literally a dish on the side… it wouldn’t fit on the plate!

    You can get Schnitzel around here, but it’s not exactly the area’s speciality. Marktlücke has some interesting Schnitzel variations, including one that’s baked over with cheese!


  2. amandapoverseas

    Nice. My favorite Schnitzel so far was Zur dicken Emma, which has schnitzel similar to your second-to-last one. I got the smallest size they had and it was still bigger than my hand.


  3. Robert

    @Amanda Have you ever had a Schnitzel smaller than your hand? 😮

    The Schnitzel at the Kreuzschänke ist the best Schnitzel (I had) ever! It’s not just big (which is no value in itself – a big Schnitzel that doesn’t taste good is just more pita) but really, really, really delicious! 🙂


    1. amandapoverseas

      I think so, actually, at one of those little dining areas in a store. Other than that, no, I suppose they’ve all been that big. It just struck me that this one was a 1/4 size schnitzel, which means the ‘full’ portion would be bigger than four of my hands lol. Of course that place also had burgers that were bigger than people’s heads so…

      That is true. Mine was at least a big one that also tasted good.


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