Christmas Market Season Is Here!

Last week, the Christkindlmärkte opened all over Germany.  It’s time for Glühwein (hot mulled wine), hot fresh festival food, gingerbread, and the warmth that comes from spending time with your friends.  The markets will be open until just before Christmas.

I didn’t take this picture of the Regensburg market on Neupfarrplatz, but I wish I had-  I’m pretty sure that this view was taken from the spire of the Dom, and I really want to go up there.


These next nine photos, on the other hand, are from the Marienplatz Christkindlmarkt in Munich.  I took these yesterday, while I was hanging out with Cliff before Sarah’s concert.

munichxmas-photo-01 munichxmas-photo-02

Yup, they were singing.

munichxmas-photo-03 munichxmas-photo-04

Oh crepes, lovely lovely crepes…


The crepe under construction here was a Schafskäse (feta cheese), tomato, pesto, and balasmic crepe.  It was incredibly delicious, and really piping hot.

munichxmas-photo-06 munichxmas-photo-07 munichxmas-photo-08

There are a bajillion Glühwein stands in Munich.  They’re easy to spot, too.


Have you ever been to a Christmas Market?  What’s your favorite flavor of Glühwein?


6 thoughts on “Christmas Market Season Is Here!

    1. I would have thought you’d have more savory crepe options, since you’re closer to France… I wasn’t expecting anything this delicious though, I thought it would only be the sweet crepe choices.


  1. There was actually a Christmas market in Edinburgh. It was lovely, though I imagine the ones in Germany are outstanding.

    P.S. M and I hope you have a great birthday! 🙂

    P.P.S. Love the snow.


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